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August 12, 2017 @ 7:10pm Live on Facebook

An interview with Stan Grof @bulletprooftrainginginstitute Be Unlimited program in San Francisco.


Experience a comprehensive series of Stanislav Grof’s lectures summarizing the findings of 60 years of his consciousness research.

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A richly illustrated series of teleseminars presented on seven consecutive Tuesdays.

1.Proposal for a Radical Revision of Psychology
2. New Cartography of the Unconscious
3. Visionary Journey through the Human Psyche
4. Roots of Human Violence and Greed
5. Spiritual Emergency
6. Psychospiritual Perspective on Death and Dying
7. The Cosmic Game: Exploration of the Frontiers of Human Consciousness

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A richly illustrated series of teleseminars presented on twenty-four consecutive Tuesdays.

1. History of Psychonautics
2. Maps of the Psyche in Depth Psychology
3. Postnatal Biography and the COEX Systems
4. Visionary Journey Through the Human Psyche
5. Basic Perinatal Matrices (BPMs)
6. Transpersonal Experiences
7. Set and Setting for Psychedelic Experiences
8. Inner Self-Healing Intelligence and Bodywork
9. Holotropic Breathwork
10. Spiritual Experiences in Holotropic States of Consciousness
11. Mystical Experiences: Psychosis or Transcendence
12. Holotropic States, Transpersonal Psychology, and Science
13. Synchronicity
14. Higher Creativity
15. When the Impossible Happens
16. Healing and Transformative Potential of Holotropic States

After each two telecourses follows a live 90 minute period of Q&A.


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Dear friends and colleagues,

we are pleased to announce that the upcoming International Transpersonal Conference, entitled "Beyond Materialism - Towards Wholeness", will take place on September 28 – October 1 2017 in the magic city of Prague. This unique event returns to the Czech Republic after 25 years, this time under the auspices of Stanislav Grof.

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The ITC 2017 is a four-day global gathering with a rich offering of side events, featuring a conference program of
outstanding speakers that will present their contributions in the field of transpersonality, spirituality, consciousness and
many others in
7 thematic tracks.

The lectures will be held by transpersonal pioneers (
Stanislav Grof, Paul Grof), psychedelic leaders (Charles Grob, Rick
Doblin, Janis Phelps, Michael and Annie Mithoefer, Jacques Mabit
) prominent thinkers (Ervin Laszlo, Richard Tarnas,
Amit Goswami), psychologists, psychiatrists and parapsychologists (David and Christel Lukoff, Etzel Cardeña, Sandra
Harner, Dean Radin, Luis Eduardo Luna
), the spiritual path seekers (David Steindl-Rast, Shaykha Amat-un-Nur), world
famous artists
(Alex and Allyson Grey) and many more.

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Call for Abstracts
The deadline of call for abstracts has already passed but we received loads of requests asking for prolonging, therefore
we decided to leave the abstract’s submission form open
until 15th of June and in case a submitted topic would fit in the
gap of the program, we will consider it as well.
Abstracts for the thematic tracks on psychedelics, shamanism, holotropic art, new science and cosmology and mystical
spirituality are more appreciated.


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Early Bird Tickets
Register until JUNE 30 and secure your seat at the conference for a discounted price. Students and professionals from
the fields of psychology, psychotherapy and science are offered a limited number of tickets at a reduced price.


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For more information, please visit the
conference website, Facebook page or event page. Looking forward to meeting
you here and thank you for helping us spread the word across the community.

Join us for a radical review of reality!

With warm regards,
Organizing Committee

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Modern Consciousness Research and the Understanding of Art
Aug 13, 2015

I would like to share with you that my new book Modern Consciousness Research and the Understanding of Art is now available from MAPS Publications in Santa Cruz, CA in their online bookstore.

Changing of the Gods filming
Rick Tarnas and Stan Grof
Changing of the Gods filming in Big Sur, September 2015


I am very excited about a new documentary film being made now called Changing of the Gods.  It is about our dramatic time of planetary change, the need for a radical shift of world view, and the extraordinary insight that archetypal astrology and a transpersonal perspective provide for understanding the events of our time. The wonderful John Cleese is the narrator, and it is based on Rick Tarnas’ book Cosmos and Psyche.
Rick and I began the research that led to this book and film some forty years ago at Esalen Institute.  We just did a week of intensive filming in beautiful Big Sur.
The movie is being produced by the co-founder of Bioneers Kenny Ausubel, and directed by the amazing Louie Schwartzberg (whose films have the power to produce a non-ordinary state of consciousness just by viewing them).
You can learn more about it all and how you can help make this film happen at the website.
I think this film may reach a wide audience and have a significant impact.
Stan Grof
Some more pictures:

Stan Grof, Louis Schwarzberg, Kenneth Ausubel, and Rick Tarnas during the filming of Changing of the Gods.

The crew for Changing of the Gods filming in Big Sur, September 2015

Transpersonal psychology coming to Asia?
by Stan Grof | Jul 15, 2015


Dear Friends,
I have just returned from a fantastic two-week trip to China that took us to Shanghai, Beijing, the Great Wall of China, Jinan (the birthplace of Confucius), the Mausoleum of the Great Emperor Qin in Xi’an birthplace of China), and to the temple where Lao-tze wrote the Tao Te Ching. There would be much to talk about. HB workshops were sold out, lectures packed, and the interest enormous. We have experienced many incredible synchronicities; here are couple of samples: Jack Kornfield’s organizer and the couple organizing my journey, operating quite independently and unbeknownst to each other, scheduled Jack and me to arrive in the same city (B`Beijing) and on the same day.
When they found out, they arranged for us a joint program. Two members of our team buying tickets independently from the main group and from each other and in different parts of CHINA were assigned (in a train that had more than thirty wagons)  seats in the same compartment as our group and adjacent to each other. And now the most astonishing one of all of the: Before my joint lecture with Jack, Mrs. Meng (meaning Dream) was asked by her great grand mother in a dream to bring me as gift a stone that had been a long time in their family. To my astonishment it turned out to be the fossil of a Nautilus shell imbedded in a stone collected at the top of Mont Everest. It must have been older than the HIMALAYAS, As you know, after much deliberation, Christina and I had chosen the Nautilus shell as the logo of the ITA because of its sacred geometry. Transpersonal psychology coming to Asia?
Much love,